Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's our Dallin! 4 months old and charming us all with his quick smile and dimpled cheeks! He has such a beautiful spirit and we are just in love with him! Right now he is talking up a storm (blowing raspberries!), and working on rolling over.

Here is a fun new baby invention that gives him a chance to sit up with the family and enjoy our meals, watch me cook, be outside, and whatever else we are doing. Thanks mom and grandma, for the Bumbo!

Almost every sunny day the boys are in the backyard still entertained with this little pool we got when Joshua was a baby. They set up their "water park" with a slide, diving board, and whatever else I will let them get in the pool (and some things that probably shouldn't!).

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  1. Your boys are just adorable! I can't believe your oldest is 5 now! They grow up way too fast. Love you all! Lark and fam