Monday, June 29, 2009

June 23-29

Summer brings many opportunities for fun activities with the kids. Today we took a little break from the sun and did some indoor activities. Dallin loves to sit here and take in the action.

Mama always gets the biggest smiles from him! He loves me, he really loves me!

The kids filled up a table with playdough art. Joshua loves to get out the rolling pin and "make creations."

Joshua made 11 rockets and Nathan made a table full of cars. The pink ones are, of course, mine. I'm as much a kid sometimes as they are!

We had a fun picnic at our neighborhood park with some friends. We live in a great neighborhood with a lot of wonderful people.

On Saturday we went to an event for Jared's work. The kids enjoyed the dunk tank, bubble pool, games and prizes, bounce house, and free food, but most of all...The Cotton Candy!

We went to a U-pick Orchard on Friday and picked 30 pounds of Cherries. I made and canned cherry pie filling (which turned out absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself), dried a batch, and froze some for cherry popsicles. Here are the kids helping me pit the cherries. We had lots of messy fun!

Family home evening is always a highlight for the kids...especially when the tickle monster attacks afterwards!

It's all too easy to follow these care instructions for my adorable baby!

Yes, Thank Heaven! Have a super week!

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  1. YAY! A blog! How fun for us to be able to see the kiddos! They're so big! Thanks for sharing!